Information about processing of personal data of persons staying at Hostel ELF in terms of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council (hereafter also the GDPR)

The purpose of this document is a full and comprehensible description of the manner of processing of the personal data of all clients staying at the  Hostel ELF s.r.o.[Ltd], ID No: 27221521, having its registered seat at the address Husitská 11, Praha 3, 130 00 Prague, Czech Republic, and the complete familiarisation of such persons with their rights.

1) Why does the Hostel ELF need my personal data?

Hostel ELF s.r.o. has a legal obligation to GATHER some personal data about its guests.  For the purposes of the Recording and handover of data to the alien police, this obligation is governed by the Act on Residence of Foreigners on the Territory of the Czech Republic (326/1999).
For the purposes of RECORDS OF DATA ABOUT GUESTS IN THE GUEST REGISTER by Act No 326/1999 Coll. and for the purposes of personal data processing by the Act concerning Local Charges (565/1990)

2) Which items of my personal data does Hostel ELF process?

*     full name
*     date of birth
*     nationality
*     number of national ID card or passport
*     purpose of stay in Czech Republic
*     visa number if required by law
*     start and end of stay
*     permanent home address

Foreigner means a natural person who is not a citizen of the Czech Republic, including citizens of the European Union.

3) How long will Hostel ELF process my data for?

Hostel ELF s.r.o. has a legal obligation to keep certain personal data about its guests, in particular given name, surname, date of birth, address and time of stay, number and type of document, visa if any, and purpose of stay. This obligation is governed by the Act on Residence of Foreigners on the Territory of the Czech Republic (326/1999) and the Act on Local Charges (565/1990) According to these regulations the hotel is obliged to keep personal data about customers for 6 years.

Who is responsible for the manner of processing of personal data?

The personal data controller is Hostel Elf s.r.o. ID No: 27221521, registered seatHusitská 11,
Praha 3, 13000

The position of manager for administration and recording of personal data is performed by Mr MatějBeneš, email:, tel: +420 731 248 137 (hereafter the "manager").

It is possible to contact the manager with any questions associated with personal data management and with requests for the rectification, amendment or completion of personal data.  If the manager is unavailable, you can contact directly.

4) What rights do I have in connection with the provided personal data?

A customer may ask the hotel at any time for an overview of his/her personal data. This information is kept in the guest's folder in the hotel database, in the house register and in the record register, which are kept in hard copy form in a locked room. In the case of a request for erasure of personal data, the hostel will erase the guest's folder, and we will shred the record in the house and record register. But Hostel ELF s.r.o. must obey the aforementioned laws. The aforementioned data may only be erased after the expiry of the legal period.

5) Who has access to the provided personal data?

We take the management of your personal data very seriously, and so only the absolutely essential group of people have access to this data.

The manager for the management and recording of personal data, the processor and dedicated employees have access to the managed personal data if it is absolutely essential for the performance of their function.

For the purposes of completeness we add that we pass your personal data to third parties in cases where the law instructs us to disclose your personal data.

6) Where is my data kept in reality?

The personal data in digital form is saved on a secure server on the territory of the Czech Republic. Only persons authorised pursuant to the preceding article have access to it.

Personal data in hard copy form is kept on the premises of the Hostel ELF and is secured using mechanical means.


Thank you for familiarising yourself with the information about personal data processing.