🌟 🗓 May 31 – June 1, 2024 
📍 Park na Parukářce

Join us for the 11th edition of the traditional Žižkovské Pivobraní! 🍻 In the beginning, Žižkovské Pivobraní was focused on beer tasting and was suitable for families with children. Today, you will still find a special selection of wheat, draft, herbal, and yeast beers, porters, lagers, low-alcohol beers, and various delicacies. The event has taken on a more commercial character but remains a great opportunity for beer lovers. This event is for those aged 18 and over. 


📌 Friday 12–21 h: 
- Meeting Point 
- Move Breakers 
- Soul Ožil 

 📌 Saturday 10–21 h: 
- Priestly Meadows
- Vanua2 - Zooblasters 
- Gentlemen´s Club 

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