Prague, March 12, 2024

Hostel ELF has recently undergone significant changes aimed at providing guests with a quieter and more comfortable stay. The main innovation is a reconstruction during which all windows in second floor were replaced with modern soundproof variants.
In January 2024 we gonna replace all windows in first floor.

The new windows were carefully selected with a focus on sound insulation. This initiative aims to eliminate external noise, providing guests with a quiet environment for relaxation. Common areas and rooms have been equipped with these innovative window systems to ensure maximum comfort for every guest. Another beneficial feature is thermal insulation, preserving precious warmth in rooms during freezing and unfavorable conditions.

Hostel ELF believes that this reconstruction will bring a substantial improvement in the quality of the stay, pleasing travelers seeking peaceful accommodation. It also opens the door to further innovations that will support a tranquil atmosphere in the hostel.

Come and experience the new standard of tranquility at Hostel ELF!